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The Our Griffin Community Share Offer aims to raise the money needed to:

  • create a new community hub and cafe
  • fully refurbish the pub
  • refurbish the residential accommodation

enabling us to deliver a new resource for the community of Llanbedr Dyffryn Clwyd and to re-open the pub.


We miss having a pub in Llanbedr Dyffryn Clwyd. We want a central hub: a heart for our community. We want more than just a pub but a true community space.

Ideas for the new Griffin took shape after a small group of villagers came together with the dream of re-opening our pub. To test the waters, the Griffin opened for an afternoon: was anyone interested in the plans?  The village responded, and in overwhelming numbers. Over 400 people came to see the proposed changes and for the first time in years the pub was heaving. Enjoying food, coffee, wine and beer people met and chatted with friends and neighbours in an a convivial atmosphere. Children thronged the garden. The response was tremendous and positive, ideas for activities and uses for the community hub flowed and hundreds of people pledged support to the regeneration whether in time, services or money.

Before it finally closed, The Griffin had become tired. The new Griffin will be lively, warm and welcoming. The warren of separate rooms will be transformed into a social and accessible space, the décor will be a stylish mix of contemporary and traditional: a place where you will want to spend time, meet neighbours and be proud to bring friends. Stop for a coffee and homemade cake or spend an evening over dinner, The Griffin will serve great food, locally sourced. There will be an attractive, versatile community space for events and groups to meet. Upstairs the bedrooms will be converted into tenant accommodation and delightful en-suite bedrooms for B & B guests. The garden will be landscaped to include a much wanted and needed playground for our children.



Our vision is to use the Griffin Inn to create a central focal point for village life and reignite a sense of community in Llanbedr DC.

The Inn will be welcoming to all. It will be a community hub that everyone in the village can access and be part of. It is not solely a pub. It will offer a home for community groups and events, a place to meet, a garden for children to play in. In time it may host a travelling bank or post office, become a parcel drop off and pick up point, house a small shop with milk, bread and local produce. The possibilities on how your community hub could be used are endless.

A warm welcome will be extended to residents, visitors, walkers, cyclists who pass through our village and stop to enjoy all the the Inn has to offer. It will become a renowned destination for cyclists wanting coffee and cake and walkers wanting a rest and refreshment.

A thriving community hub in the Griffin Inn will bring a sense of village well-being, vibrancy and economic benefit around which the village will thrive.

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The Griffin Inn

You can learn more HERE about the proposals for developing the Griffin as a community hub, about how it would be renovated, marketed and managed and about how you could play a part, as volunteer, employee or share holder.

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Get in touch if you have any questions about the plans for the future of The Griffin.

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